Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hells Gate (Diamond / Brazil, Indiana)

  • Rumor has it that there were 7 Gates to Hell located throughout the countryside around the Wabash Valley. There are two legends about this place.  The main legend about Hell's Gate was that a train derailed on top of the gate and all passengers were killed and sent to hell. You are supposed to come to Hell's Gate at night for the paranormal activity to appear. There is a guard that watches over Hell's Gate that will appear after 30 mins of being under the bridge, the man is nearly 7 feet tall and will chase you. Cries of restless spirits killed on the train tracks above the tunnel can be heard or chants from long lead members of a cult can be heard whispered in the woods. Go through Brazil going north on the main road. You will go over a bridge or overpass then you turn left on 1500 road. Go down that street until you get to an old train tunnel. Stop the car and flash your lights three times. Then go through and turn around. Go through again, but stop in the middle this time. Turn your car off and sit there for 10 minutes. Then the graffiti will start to glow and blood will run down the walls. If you see your name on the wall, banging on the windows and the roof of the car will start. After it stops, start car again and go through. There is a tree and you will see (if you see your name on the wall) two kids hanging from the tree, but don't stay to look around go fast cause after you see your name your supposed to die. There are seven different bridges in that area and you are supposed to drive through all of these bridges starting by going down Coal Bluff Rd. and at the end of driving through all 7, you look back and you will see Hell's Gates closing behind you.

    The directions I know of was to travel North on Hwy 59 out of Brazil. Turn West on County Road 1350. You will go through several stop signs until you reach Rock Run Road. Turn onto it and it will lead you straight to Hell's Gate. If anyone has done this, I would love to hear from you and hear your stories.

    ** On a personal note, about 6 years ago myself and some people were going to investigate there, upon arrival, we saw black figures atop the train tracks and running through the woods along both sides of the road. Whether live beings or spirits I can not say, but it wasn't a small group of figures, I would say at least 20 people or whatever they were seemed scattered along the sides and top of Hell's Gate. Saw no skin tone, only all black, but once we saw we did not stay... for safety reasons!
**Note** this is NOT Indiana Ghost Detectives 
I only used this video so you could get a good visual on what Hell's Gate looks like.


  1. Y'all definitely should have checked out haunted church by there a lot more paranormal activity. Hells gates is 8 minutes away from where I live actually we share same woods! Me n my friends been doing it for years but the chur h that has Mary statue outside was our first and last go at night land you will see why!

  2. why whats up with the church?